Pelecelli to Pudella

Pelecelli, Dante quarryman. Wife, Marie (Scarletti). Children: Nell, Domanico, Artellia, all students. Zelia, at home. 

Pendleton, John W. stone cutter, Main St. 

Perry, Ephraim, mariner, Main St. Wife, Hattie W. (Gray) Children: Francis, fisherman,  William, quarryman, Arthur, quarryman. 

Perry, Henry, stonecutter. Highland Ave. Wife, Beatrice (Powers). Children: Donald, student. Manuel & Isabel. at home. 

Perkins, H. L. paving cutter, Highland Ave. Children: Zida (Young) Bertha C., Charles H. & Anna, all 3 students. Marguerite, at home. 

Petro, Carlo, stone cutter, Burnt Cove Rd. Wife, Flavilla (Tasa). Children: Joseph, quarry. Levo & Mary, students. 

Piera, Ferara, quarryman, Oceanville Rd. Wife, Giusepina (Tessari). Child: Jesuit. 

Pierson, Charles K., Blacksmith, Ocean St. Wife, Mary (Hutchinson). Child: Genie A., student. 

Pinkham, Clara A. (Thomas) Oceanville. Children: Cora (Robbins) Nellie E. (Green) Deer Isle. William B. quarryman. 

Plunkett, J. P., Acct, Church St. Wife, Rose M. (Kelley). Children: James & Isabelle, students. Robert & Richard, at home. 

Pooler, Gregory, general work, West St. Wife, Sarah F. (Childs). Children: Elnora (Merchant), Myron F., quarryman

Pressey, Lawrence, quarryman. Wife, Lizzie (Trefetheren). Child: Llewellyn K., student. 

Prudella, Paul, stone cutter, Oceanville Rd. Wife, Angella (Bianki). Children: Peter, student, Lena, at home.

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