Nevells to Nutt

Nevells, Luther S., quarry foreman, Cross Rd. Wife, Mabel L. (Gott). Children: Helen M., Albert M., Agnes M. & Luther I. - all 4 are students. 

Nevells, James A. stonecutter. Wife, Mary A. (Crabtree-Hodgkins). Children: Forest N., stonecutter. Clifford, mariner. Fossie G., student. 

Nobile, Alex, Engr. Granite St. Wife, Mary (Leali). 

Noyes, B. Lake, phys. & surg., Main St. Wife, Linnie (Howard).  Children : George Howard, stu., Natalie P., at home. 

Noyes, D. Jewett, druggist, Main St. Wife, Leonora (Webb). Children: Reginald W., student, Helen L., at home

Noyes, George B. Phys & surg, Main St. Wife, Sarah E. (Lake).  Children: Benj. Lake, phys & surg., David J. druggist., Abbie V. (Thompkins) Lithcow, NY, Florence M. (Lamson) George B., lumber mill bus., Orneville, ME, Galen C. mill op., Orneville, ME. 

Nutt, J. A. cook, Main St. Wife, Mattie F. Greenlaw. Children: Arvilla (Harrington) Ralph, Margaret, Hazel & Susan. All students. Alma, at home.

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