Ferrell to Frink

Ferrell, John J. - stonecutter, (non-resident, Bremerton, WA.) Ferrell St. - Wife, Annie - dau. Lillian, stu. 

Fielding, Deborah F. (Small). 

Fielding, Edward M. - husband (or son) of Deborah. Laundry business in Dorchester, MA. 

Fifield, Abbie W. - at home in West Stonington. 

Fifield, A. L., fisherman - Fifield Pt. - wife, Mattie C. (Thompson). Children: (all students) Florence G., Russell H., and Norman L. 

Fifield, Alonzo - farmer, Fifield Pt. 

Fifield, Avery F. - fisherman, W. Stonington - wife, Elizabeth S. (Small). Children: Frank L., carpenter Malden, MA, Sylvanus H., fisherman, Roswell L., fisherman, Wm. S., carpenter, Melrose, MA, Annie M. (Belleden) lives Malden, MA. 

Fifield, Charles, painter. Church St. - wife, Alice (Orcutt). Children: students, Galen & Bessie -- Muriel, Charles & Kathleen. 

Fifield, Daniel M. - farmer, W. Stonington. Wife, Bertha E. (Hamblen). Children: all students - Alvin R., Douglas S., Thomas W., Carolyn A., Ruth & Hester M. 

Fifield, David W. - fisherman, Fifield Pt., Wife, Ninetta J. (Bryant). Children: (all students) Elvira P.,  Silva & Gertrude L. 

Fifield, Dudley W. - farmer, W. Stonington. Wife, Lizzie W. (Webb)

Fifield, Joseph - farmer, W. Stonington. Wife, Kate (Horton). Children: Marion (Clark) lives Castine, Octavia (Moore) lives Liverpool, England, Tilden, Edith (Apraham). She lives W. Suffield, CT

Fifield, Mrs Lillian M., merchant, Main St. - children: (both students) Arthur L. W. & Dorothy L. 

Fifield, Mrs Mary A. - W. Stonington. Children: George H. (clerk in Brewer) Bessie L. (Horton), W. A. (clerk in Rockland) Grace T., milliner, Charles H., painter, Susan E. (Cousins). 

Fifield, Oscar W., fisherman, West Stonington

Fifield, Roy E., clerk, Main St. Wife, Lida (Brown)

Fifield, Mrs Sarah T., West Stonington. Children: Annie E. (Moore) lives Prospect Hbr., Angie T. (Young) lives Chelsea, MA & Carrie A., teacher in Chelsea, MA. 

Fifield, Sylvanus, farmer & fisherman, Oceanville. Wife, Leona (Joyce): Children: Mildred E. (Blood) Joyce (deceased), Delmont J. 

Fifield, Tilden J., fisherman, Fifield Pt. Wife, Stella (Gray). Children: Allen W. & Maurice - both students and Robert T. 

Flye, O. G. steamboat service, Highland Ave. Wife, Margaret (Barter). Children: Gleason, chauffeur, Jessie, waitress (later married Don Gross, Oceanville.). 

Freedman, Samuel - merchant - Main St. - Wife, Annie (Levy). 

Freedman, Simon - merchant - Main St. - Wife, Lena (Cohen). Children: Samuel, merchant, Dora, at home,  Flora, Israel & Harry, students. Sadie R., Maurice M. and Henry S. 

Freethy, Laura E. (married a Gross), Armena (married a Cousins, lives Penobscot). 

Frink, Ada (Babbidge), Main St.

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