Babbidge to Buckminster

Babbidge, Mary L. (Spofford) - Main St. 

Babbidge, Susie L. (appears to be Mary's dau. - listed as a clerk) 

Babbidge. Emily M. (Knowles) - Church St. 

Bailey, Roscoe A. - teamster - West Stonington. 

Bailey, Victoria C. (Duke / Smith) - w/o Roscoe - 

Bailey, Laura P. d/o Roscoe & Victoria - married Deacon - lives Somerville, Ma. 

Baldisaro, Giulio - stonecutter - lived on Crotch Island. 

Banks, L. L. - paving cutter - lives Main St. 

Banks, Lena F. (Thurston) - w/o L. L. 

Banks, Chauncy E. “ Tonic” - s/o L. L. & Lena - worked Stonington Furniture. Married Mamie Haskell 

Banks, Gladys M. - d/o L. L. & Lena. 

Banks, Annie E. - d/o L. L. & Lena. 

Barbour, Irving - sea Capt. - lives Main St. - also listed in Deer Isle census. 

Barbour, Cora (Greene) - w/o Irving. 

Barbour, Laurence G. - s/o Irving & Cora. 

Barbour, Warren P. - s/o Irving & Cora. 

Barbour, Sterling K. - farmer - W. Stonington. Married Lillian (Stinson). 

Barbour, Mabel S. - d/o Sterling & Lillian - married a Putnam - lives Thomaston. 

Barbour, Archibald - s/o Sterling & Lillian - goes yachting. 

Barbour, Hugh M. - s/o Sterling & Lillian - house painter in Blue Hill. 

Barbour, S. W. - retired sea Capt. - lives Main St. - raises sheep & sells real estate. 

Barbour, Elner Hamblen - w/o S. W. 

Barbour, Granville - s/o S. W. & Elner - engineer in Boston. 

Barbour, Marion - d/o S. W. & Elner - pupil. 

Barbour, Timothy - stone cutter - lives Tea Hill. 

Barbour, Eva Stanley - w/o Tim. 

Barbour, Leola - d/o Tim & Eva. 

Barbour, Victoria Redman - lives corner of Main & Ocean View. (widow ??)

Barbour, Benjamin S. - s/o Victoria - shirt mfg. in Lewiston. 

Barbour, Timothy W. - s/o Victoria - stonecutter - must be same as above ?? 

Barbour, Thomas F. - s/o Victoria - blacksmith 

Barter, Annie - married an Annis - see above 

Barter, Hosea - s/o Annie - works at lime kilns in Rockland. 

Barter, Llewellyn - s/o Annie - police dept. in Rockland 

Barter, Jennie E. - d/o Annie - married a Merrifield in Rockland. 

Barter, Frances G. - d/o Annie - student. 

Barter, Charles - carpenter - lives Crescent Ave. 

Barter, Annie H. Greene - w/o Charles. 

Barter, Minot L. - s/o Charles & Annie - student. 

Barter, Charles O. - fisherman. 

Barter, Ida Hutchinson - w/o Charles O. 

Barter, Nettie E. -d/o Chas. & Ida - pupil. 

Barter, Lena M. - d/o Chas. & Ida - pupil. 

Barter, Mildred C. - d/o Chas. & Ida - pupil. 

Barter, Marion A. - d/o Chas. & Ida - pupil. 

Barter, Eliza (Forkingham). 

Barter, Edwin E. - s/o Eliza - gen'l worker. 

Barter, Ethel P. pupil - lives Sea Breeze Ave. 

Barter, Orrin P. - fisherman. 

Barter, Experience (Ames) - w/o Orrin. 

Barter, Charles O. (s/o Orin & Experience - fisherman). 

Barter, Thomas J. (s/o Orin & Experience - yachtsman). 

Barter, Rhoda (d/o Orin & Experience - Married Wakefield fm Swans Island - Greenwood cem. 

Barter, Ethel, (d/o Orin & Experience - pupil). 

Barter, Roscoe - fisherman - Main St. 

Barter, Clara Freethy (w/o Roscoe) 

Bartlett, Augustus - grocer - 1st on Crotch Island but later moved to Main St. 

Bartlett, Virginia - w/o Augustus - no children listed, but there was Mario & Harold & several girls. 

Bates, Ernest L. - lives Main St. - stone cutter. 

Bates, Christie C. (Thurlow) - w/o Ernest. 

Bates, Marion E. - d/o Ernest & Christie - pupil. 

Bates, Mary E. - d/o Ernest & Christie. 

Bates, Charles H. - s/o Ernest & Christie

Beal, John E. - fisherman - East Ave. 

Beal, Etta L. (Henderson) - w/o John E. 

Beal, Walter A. - s/o John & Etta - pupil

Beal, Eva B. - d/o John & Etta

Berdeen, Charles F. - quarryman - N. Stonington. 

Berdeen, Bertha (Seekins) - w/o Charles)

Berdeen, Cordelia (Ackley) d/o Charles & Bertha - N. Stonington. 

Berdeen, Charles E. s/o Charles & Bertha - quarryman - Buried Greenwood cem., Oceanville

Berdeen, May - d/o Charles & Bertha - she married Paul T. Small

Berdeen, Elmer - s/o Charles & Bertha - paving cutter. 

Berdeen, Hattie (Banks) - w/o Elmer

Berdeen, Hazel M. d/o Elmer & Hattie - pupil. She would later marry Elmer Cane and live in Surry. 

Berdeen, Cecil L. s/o Elmer & Hattie - h/o Lucy V. Bridges of Swan’s Island. They had Eleanor & Leona R. Eleanor married Paul Gross. Cecil ran a store on Rte 15, North Stonington. 

Billings, Adeline R. (Woodward-Sellers) - Highland Ave. 

Billings, Almon - fisherman - Main St. 

Billings, Etta L. (Carter) - w/o Almon 

Billings, Kenneth W. - s/o Almon & Etta

Billings, H. L. fisherman - off main St. 

Billings, Lillian A. (Sellers) w/o H. L. 

Billings, John - fisherman - Church St. 

Billings, Ella M. (Phillips) - 1st w/o John

Billings, Kathleen - d/o John & Ella - I believe she married Floyd “Froggy” Barter. 

Billings, Myrtle (Morey) - 2nd w/o John - Ella died 1922- (They had Everett, Lillian & Donald)

Billings, Llewellyn - fisherman - Highland Ave. 

Billings, Ursula A (Toothaker) - w/o Llewellyn

Billings, Lucy - d/o Llewellyn & Ursula - see Collins listing

Billings, William J. - s/o Llewellyn & Ursula - he married Mabel “Babe” & they had Paul & Mary

Billings, Lena M. - d/o Llewellyn & Ursula

Black, George S. - carpenter - Church St. 

Black, Lucy (Hendricks) w/o George - d/o Wm & Elsie (Eaton) Hendricks of LDI. 

Black, Leroy - s/o George & Lucy

Black, William - s/o George & Lucy

Black, Carl - s/o George & Lucy

Black, Merle - s/o George & Lucy

Bowden, Roscoe B. - fisherman - Eastern Ave. 

Bowden, Claudia A. (Richardson) - w/o Roscoe

Bowden, Annie F. - d/o Roscoe & Claudia

Bowden, Christie B. - d/o Roscoe & Claudia

Bowden, Jessie L. - d/o Roscoe & Claudia

Bray, Thomas H. - stonecutter, lived West Stonington 

Bray, Phenie W. - w/o Thomas W. - d/o Benjamin Franklin & Elvira R. (Downs) Small

Bray, Geneva M. - d/o Thomas & Phenie - pupil

Bray, Basil H. - s/o Thomas & Phenie - during WW II Basil was a boss carpenter at the shipyard - he later built and operated Bray’s Burnt Cove Market. 

Brimigion, Charles W. “Bill” - ran barber shop in town - s/o Joseph & Mary (Gross) Brimigion

Brimigion, Myrtie - w/o “Bill” Brimigion - d/o Franklin Beckwith, M. D. & Mary G. Haskell, Ferguson

Brimigion, Charles L. - s/o Bill & Myrtie - WWI motorcycle messenger on the western front - During the late ’30s and early ’40s he ran a lunch room in town. Also had a lunch wagon and when it was parked on Main St. you could smell hotdogs and onions cooking every night in the summer. Charles married Lottie Greene. They are buried in Hillside cemetery in Sunset

Brimigion, Vieva V. - d/o Bill & Myrtie - She lived in South Portland; married to a Kenney, I think. 

Brimigion, Mary G. - d/o Bill & Myrtie - Mary married the dentist, Dr. Lewis Tewksbury. Mary lived to about 105. Was in Penobscot nursing home for many years. They had two daughters Norma and Marjorie. Both girls married and live in the San Francisco area as of 2015. 

Brimigion, Lloyd Kenneth - s/o Bill & Myrtie. He married Jennie Jones, d/o Frank Jones. He ran locomotives on the quarry, ran the boiler room at the shipyard during WWII and finally built his own boat and went lobstering. He and Jennie had two sons. Lloyd, the oldest is my age and my very best friend. He retired from TV-WCSH Channel 2 in Bangor where he was business manager. Joseph Carleton “Carmy” moved to Connecticut, working in the industrial mfg. field. He had two daughters. 

Brimigion, Norman “Pink” - s/o Bill & Myrtie. Pink had his own fish business for a long while. He also worked in Portland. He married Madelyn Gross who had a beauty parlor. She was the daughter of Lester & Louise Gross. They had sons Kenneth and John. (John died young - see Greenwood cemetery). 

Brimigion, Joseph. He ran a livery stable located on Russ’s Hill. 

Brimigion, Mary. - w/o Joseph - maiden name Gross. 

Brimigion, Charles W. “Bill” - s/o Joseph & Mary - see above listing. 

Brimigion, Madge V. - d/o Joseph & Mary - married Ray Small - see listing under Small. 

Brodis, Bert L. a quarryman - h/o Ada Smith

Brodis, Ada - w/o Bert - maiden name Smith

Brodis, Frances L. - d/o Bert & Ada

Brodis, Theresa - d/o Bert & Ada

Brown, George A. - stonecutter - W. Stonington - h/o Helen Small

Brown, Helen Sebelia - w/o George A. - d/o Benjamin & Lucy (Jordan) Small

Brown, Mayetta J. - d/o George & Helen Brown - she is listed as a postal clerk

Brown, Harold J. - s/o George & Helen - listed as a student. 

Brown, J. F. - paving cutter - lives Church St. - h/o Lydia Coombs 

Brown, Lydia F. - w/o J. F. - maiden name Coombs. 

Brown, Alexander B. - stone cutter - s/o J. F. & Lydia

Brown, William W. - stone cutter - s/o J. F. & Lydia

Bryant, Charles - engr- lives Deer Isle Rd. - h/o Louise Small - s/o Jacob & Rebecca (McCaleb) Bryant

Bryant, Louise - w/o Charles - d/o Greeley F. & Sarah E. (Shute) Small - a/k/a “Louisa G.” - Deer Isle

Bryant, Robert W. - s/o Charles & Louise (Small) Bryant

Bryant, Jacob - ret’d - lives D. I. Rd. - h/o Rebecca McCaleb - 

Bryant, Rebecca - w/o Jacob - d/o Sarah McCaleb - see below

Bryant, Fred - fisherman - lives Philadelphia, Pa. - s/o Jacob & Rebecca (McCaleb) Bryant

Bryant, Henry - fisherman - lives Corea, Me. - s/o Jacob & Rebecca (McCaleb) Bryant

Bryant, George - mariner - s/o Jacob & Rebecca (McCaleb) Bryant

Bryant, Nettie - d/o s/o Jacob & Rebecca (McCaleb) Bryant - w/o David Fifield - aka “Ninetta J.”

Bryant, Sarah - Married to Bryant but associated with (Greenlaw - Stinson - Small - McCaleb)

Bryant, Deborah - d/o Sarah - w/o Noyes in Newport, Me. 

Buckminster, Harry N. - yachtsman - Oceanville - h/o ?

Buckminster, Lawrence - gen’l labor - Oceanville

Buckminster, Louisa H. - Oceanville - w/o Stephan B. Thurlow - d/o ?

Buckminster, Nettie S. - d/o Louisa H. - Ass’t Post master, Oceanville

Buckminster, Joseph W. - machinist - Dexter, Me. 

Buckminster, Mrs Susan W. - Oceanville

Buckminster, Minnie E. - d/o Susan W. - married William B. Hatch

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