Allen - Austin

Allen, Fannie S. (Bray) w/o F. G. Allen. 

Allen, F. G., h/o Fannie. He was a machinist, by trade. 

Allen, Maud, d/o Fannie & F. G., married a Manter. She was housekeeper for Doc Tewksbury family. 

Allen, Milton A. s/o F. G. & Fannie. Capt. of the quarry boat “Sunbeam.” Married Phenie Hutchinson and they had 4 children (not in this census but noted, as follows). 

Allen, Frank, Graduated Maine Maritime Academy and went to sea as an engineering officer. He later came home to work and drowned 1969

Allen, Patricia - She moved away after graduating from High School and I have no further info on her. 

Allen, Merrill - Merrill married Judy Cleveland and they had several children. Merrill was a career non-commissioned officer in the U. S. Army. He died middle aged. 

Allen, Milton - The youngest child in the family. He died young. 

Allen, Eliza - d/o F. G. & Fannie. She married George Richardson. She lived into her nineties and died at the Island Nursing Home. I don't believe they had any children. 

Allen, Vianna E. (Vive) - d/o F. G. & Fannie. I think she and Eliza (Lide) were twins. She lived in MA - Can't remember her married name or if she had children. 

Allen, Grace L. -d/o F. G & Fannie. Married Bill Michaud. Had an adopted son Robert. They ran Richardson & Michaud store on Greenhead for a number of years. 

Allen, Leander - listed as a blacksmith living on the Deer Isle Rd. 

Allen, Addie B. w/o Leander. She was a Thompson - Travers before marriage. No further info. 

Allen, M. listed as a general worker and living on Tea Hill. no further info. 

Allen, Bertha. w/o M. - no maiden name given - no further info. 

Allen, Helen, d/o M. & Bertha - pupil - no further info. 

Allen, Dorothy, d/o M. & Bertha - no further info. 

Allen, William, s/o M. & Bertha - no further info. 

Allen, C. Ruth, d/o M. & Bertha - no further info. 

Ames, Thomas, died in 1893. buried in family cemetery on Indian Point Rd. 

Ames, Patience. died 1905 w/o Thomas. buried in family cemetery. 

Ames, Justus. died 1916, s/o Tom & Patience - single - Buried in family lot. 

Ames, Calvin. died 1945. s/o Tom & Patience single - Buried in family lot. 

Ames, Mercy. died 1928 d/o Tom & Patience - single - Buried in family lot. 

Ames, Walden. died 1949 s/o Tom & Patience - single - Buried in family lot. 

Ames, Burton. died 1949 s/o Tom & Patience - single - Buried in family lot. 

Anderson, Augustus - was a stone cutter. No indication in the census of a wife. 

Anderson, Amel - s/o Augustus - moved to Friendship, Me. 

Anderson, Walter - s/o Augustus and going to school. 

Anderson, Emma - d/o Augustus. She married Albert Malin. 

Anderson, Elsie - d/o Augustus - going to school. 

Anderson, Augustus A. - s/o Augustus - going to school. (Millard Anderson's father??) 

Annis, Gleason - s/o Samuel & Rebecca- see below. 

Annis, Annie - w/o Gleason - d/o Frank & Laura Wood. 

Annis, Arthur E. - s/o Gleason & Annie. 

Annis, Harry A. - s/o Gleason & Annie. 

Annis, John A. - janitor. Lived Highland Ave. 

Annis, Annie (Rumery) - w/o John - Married a Barter and then Annis. 

Annis, M. Z. - a tinsmith and a plumber. 

Annis, Samuel A. a fisherman from Oceanville. 

Annis, Rebecca B (Gross) -w/o Samuel. 

Arey, Henry C. stonecutter - home on Seabreeze Ave. 

Arey, Rosalie (Small) - w/o Henry. Arey. 

Arey, Florian - s/o Henry & Rosalie - teacher. 

Ashworth, Edwin - paving cutter - lives Greenhead. 

Ashworth, Grace - w/o Edwin - from Ellsworth. 

Ashworth, Theodore - s/o Edwin & Grace. 

Ashworth, Victor - s/o Edwin & Grace - lives Ellsworth. 

Ashworth, Grace - d/o Edwin & Grace - pupil - lives Ellsworth. 

Ashworth, Wesley - s/o Edwin & Grace - pupil - lives Ellsworth 

Ashworth, John - paving cutter - lives off Main St. 

Ashworth, Jane (Smith) - w/o John. 

Ashworth, James R. s/o John & Jane - gen’l work in Milford, MA. 

Ashworth, Richard - s/o John & Jane - stone cutter in E. Blue Hill. 

Ashworth, Annie M. - d/o John & Jane - married a Veazie. 

Austin, Harry - farmer - W. Stonington (Burnt Cove area)

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